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If you followed me around for a week, here’s what you would learn…

I’m one of those guys that married up, way up. I’m not sure how I persuaded Lana to marry me but it’s by far one of my greatest accomplishments. Not so good for her, but that’s her problem. Lana is a southern belle through and through with a pinch of Real Housewives of Boston thrown in for good measure. Lana is a teacher but is working as a stay-at-home mom right now. Yes, it’s work. We recently bought a new house in Charlestown and love the neighborhood feel, while still being right in the city.

We have twin daughters from my first marriage named Kourtney and Krysten and they are both attending the same college outside of Chattanooga Tennessee. They are fraternal twins and barely look related. Their personalities are just as different with one who’s an athlete and has a long time boyfriend, while the other is more into the arts. We also have a son Barrett, who was born in November of 2010. Poor kid looks exactly like me. Hopefully, he’ll grow out of that soon. My mom Carole was married and divorced four times by the time was eighteen years old but she’s currently single and ready to mingle. My dad Richard just remarried after almost forty years of marriage to his second wife. His new wife Jackie is a real estate agent near their home in Tampa, so if you need a winter mansion, she’s your girl.

I’m an Army Veteran and was stationed all over the world while serving as an Airborne Paratrooper in the Signal Corp. My family is from Maryland, Washington D.C. and Rhode Island. I was born just outside of D.C. but was raised in Florida and moved a round a bunch. In fact, I attended thirteen different schools in twelve years. You may also hear my grandmother on the show, Mom-Mom who is in her 90’s, and can still talk sports with the best of them. Like a lot of guys, I’m a sports junkie and try to play full court basketball three or four days a week, plus lots of golf when the weather will allow. I volunteer as a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club of Charlestown, plus donate time to other charities like the American Diabetes Association (my mom is diabetic) and Harvest on Vine, which collects food for needy families.

The boring radio stuff: Kennedy and I started the show together at Hot 104.9 (WHTF-FM) in Tallahassee, Florida in 2003. After about eighteen months, we were hired by Q107.5 (WHBQ-FM) in Memphis Tennessee which is where Lana and I were married. Five years later we got the call from Boston to move our show to Mix 98.5, eventually changing frequencies to Mix 104.1 (WBMX-FM). We’ve been at Mix since January of 2009 and added Salt and Producer Mike Morgan to the show in 2012.

Music: Foo Fighters, Luke Bryan, Vampire Weekend, Justin Timberlake and Bob Marley.
TV: The Voice, Modern Family, Duck Dynasty, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Boardwalk Empire.
Food: I love it all. Seafood, Meat and Potato’s, Mexican. The spicier the better!



Hi, I’m Kennedy. I’m the lone girl in our show, but I’m pretty sure I could take all of them.

I’ve lived all over the place between radio jobs and being married to an Army guy a million years ago I’ve seen it all. And some of it can’t be unseen.

I recently got a new puppy named Elvis and he is my world. I’m going to have him certified as a service dog so I can bring him everywhere with me, now I just have to come up with a reason for me to need one.

I was born in VA but lived most of my life in suburban Chicago. I will forever be a suffering Cubs fan, but I have the Red Sox now, so… I went to college in Des Moines, IA at Drake University with a double major in Theater and Psychology. I love to sing, I love to be on stage but don’t have the chance to do either much anymore. One of these days I’ll get back under the lights.

I run races (including 2 Boston Marathons) but I hate running. I have 2 sisters – one of whom had a baby for the other. It’s the most amazing story in the history of stories. I have a niece and nephew I spoil with reckless abandon.

I am an adventure junkie – I’ve jumped out of an airplane, rappelled down the 22 stories of the Hyatt, walked on fire, and am always looking for the next cool thing to do. To quote Ferris Bueller – life is short. So I like getting out there and seeing how I can challenge myself.

I love this silly job I have and thank you for listening to us every morning. Without you all we would be nothing, and for that I thank you.



HEIGHT: 5’11”
HAIR: Salt/Pepper (irony noted)
AGE: 36
WEIGHT: 16 stone or 225 LBS
FOOT: 11.5
BEARD: NONE (currently)

With all of that information, what else is there to say?!

Originally from Delaware, I’m the youngest of five children (all doctors and post grad folks) and my parents are STILL married after nearly a half century! My Irish-Catholic family is gigantic with 19 of us in the immediate – all of which are much smarter than I (even the little ones) – except in random TRIVIA knowledge. I contain a bevy of useless knowledge.

I originally went to Virginia Tech for ‘architecture’ but really majored in ‘social event coordination’ or for the layman PARTYING! Didn’t quite finish up at Va Tech and ended up in Philly studying ‘industrial design’ – which I am clearly using everyday! Most of the lessons I’ve learned in life are what NOT to do.

I’ve worked in radio for 10 years in all sorts of formats: sports talk, news talk, rock & country…been fired from most. I’m pretty sure they are gonna wise up and fire me here at Mix 104.1 soon.

In my free time, I enjoy storyboarding kitten videos and wandering around Boston giving fake tours and bad directions to tourists. I am an ambassador of the city!

Follow my drunken musings on the twitter: @Salt_Mac

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