Three Lies : Puppy LoveJaime's mother Lyssa has a new pure bred dog that she has NOT gotten fixed yet.
Three Lies : SCUBA!Sophina came back from a holiday break vacation to Mexico and has decided to ruin her mom Marianne's day.
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: Forgot To Lock The ShopAmber works at a business with her mom...
Three Lies : Merry Christmas Cousin EddieJessica's mother Kelly has never seen the movie Christmas vacation.
Three Lies : The Emergency Only CardAnna's mom Heather gave her an emergency credit card 5 years ago that she has never used....
Three Lies : The Call From JailWe did something a little different this time with Three Lies. We staged a call from inside of a jail!
Three Lies: Bad BoyLeah is getting back with her ex much to her mom Karyn's chagrin.
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: The Haunted HouseWe're going to need as many black cats as we can find...
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: iPhone Plan BluesOne of his lies includes buying 10 iPhone X's (that sell for $1000 a pop) using his mom's money.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom : Sweet 16 StrippersHow do you really piss off your mom? Tell her you're getting strippers and booze for her granddaughters sweet 16!
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: LateBookDaniel has him mom Laura on the verge of saying some things she'll regret on this weeks Three Lies To Tell Your Mom!
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Plagiarism ProblemsCara needs her mom Karen to Lie to her Professor for her. Let's hope she brushed up on the Boston Tea Party recently!

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