fun With Jack AntonoffBleachers are playing Not So Silent Night this year, and Front Man - Jack Antonoff (fun.) joined us in studio!
Baby Babbling 102Gregg took out his iphone to record baby son Cruz "talking" again, and pitted Freddy against Amanda to decipher what he was saying ....listen and see how many you can get!
Who's Responsible?!Courtney called Gregg to help settle a debate, we put it out to you and got so many calls! Who's responsible for car repairs when friends and favors are involved - the driver or owner of the vehicle?
The Funniest Ever!!A fear of 'chunky blood'?! Really??!! But like we say, the weirder the better...and we def got weirder today! (Amanda fell into the weirder catagory!!) Catch "Normal Or Not" every Friday at 4:40 with Gregg, Fred and Amanda
Baby Babbling 101Gregg Daniels' 18 month old son Cruz is talking up a storm! If only Freddy and Amanda knew what he was saying... and how he learned those words?! Take a listen and see if you speak Cruz!
Does the Wellesley Police Dept. cover all of New England?!
Kelly Clarkson Talks Coaching 'The Voice' At MixFestKelly Clarkson opened up about coaching the upcoming season of The Voice backstage at MixFest!
Blondie Talk About Their Legacy And New Album 'Pollinator' At MixFestWe caught up with Debbie Harry, Clem Burke, and Chris Stein backstage at MixFest 2017!
Andy Grammer Opens Up About Fatherhood At MixFestAndy Grammer opened up about newfound fatherhood with Gregg and Amanda backstage at MixFest 2017!
Team Gregg?? or Team Dinara??Gregg Daniels got into a little dispute with his wife Dinara over his brand-new glasses getting smushed...Who's To Blame??!
Someone Stole My Pot!Police in Wellesley had their work cut out for them this week. Someone stole a flower pot! Someone stole a plant! Could it be a pot plant??!! Find out in the latest edition of the Wellesley Police Blotter and check us out live every Friday at 5:40!!
Gregg & Freddy's Afternoon Drive: Boston Harbor Cruise Gone WrongGregg & Freddy thought they were in for a leisurely tour of the Boston Harbor, but Captain Nancy had something else in store for them!

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