The Funniest Ever!!A fear of 'chunky blood'?! Really??!! But like we say, the weirder the better...and we def got weirder today! (Amanda fell into the weirder catagory!!) Catch "Normal Or Not" every Friday at 4:40 with Gregg, Fred and Amanda
Sweatpants With No Underwear ...Really?!This is our favorite segment of the week! You tell us the weird things you do, and we judge them! Catch us live every Friday at 4:40 with Gregg, Fred and Amanda
Stinky Belly Button?!This is our favorite bit of the week! A must listen to see if YOU are Normal Or Not! Catch us live every Friday at 4:40
"I *Hope To* See Dead People.." What! Really?!Usually passengers in a car enjoy conversation, looking out the window, and listening to the radio...not looking for dead people on the side of the road or in the woods! Find out if we deemed this activity Normal Or Not, and call anytime with your odd behavior. Normal Or Not every Friday at 4:40!
Is It Normal To Never Blow Your Nose?Every Friday at 4:40 Gregg, Freddy and Amanda have fun with you, our listeners, and play Normal Or Not. We all have little habits that make us special and we use the opportunity to judge you!!
You Do What While Watching TV??!!
Is It Normal To Not Know How To Ride A Bike?!
30+ Bottles of Cologne ...Totally Normal, Right?! Not!!
Normal Or Not: You Checked How Many Times To See If The Door Is Locked?!
Normal Or Not: Word Counting Real Time!
Peeps, Poops, and Peculiarities... Normal Or Not?
Crying Everytime You Go To Disney: Normal Or Not?!

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