Can't Beat Kennedy: 1-19-18Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Salt and His Best Friend Jamie Are Fighting Over Wedding DatesIs there trouble brewing?
Is Bald Beautiful?Prince William Thinks So!
What Little Thing In Your Life Has You Crazy Excited?Kennedy got a parking space!
People Left Lana Mean Messages Over Barrett's Flu Photo!Karson reads them out loud in this edition of mean tweets!
You Used WHAT To Scrape Your Windshield?!?!Karson's story is HILARIOUS!
Producer Mike Is Going To Be A Millionaire!Well maybe.....
Bruins Legend Rene Rancourt Is RetiringIs Kennedy The Next Anthem Singer?
Do You Have Any "Good Luck" Sports Superstitions?Because a few member's of the show do!
Dads : Have Your Daughters Ever Given You a Makeover?If Bruce Willis Does It it's manly.
Would you Let Your Spouse Go On Vacation Alone?Kelly just dropped her husband off at the airport!
This School Cafeteria Worker Is Going to Work With The Flu!Stay Home If You're Sick!

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