Gina's Husband is on Valentines Day Probation!The Saga of Gina and Jim's Valentines Day Fiasco.
Kennedy And Her Girls Did Galentine's Yesterday!And she brought back audio!
Kennedy's Galentine's Day Extravaganza Is In Full SwingLeave Kennedy a Voicemail!
Come Join Kennedy For Galentines Day!All you have to do is leave a voice mail!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 10/4
War of the Roses Marathon: 50 Shades of SomethingMatt is worried that his girlfriend Amanda is getting bored with the relationship, but will he want to know what has been exciting her?
Should Jamie Dornan Quit The "50 Shades" Trilogy?Rumor has it Jamie Dornan’s wife doesn’t want him doing any more "50 Shades" movies, despite the success of the first one. And there's still the potential opportunity to do two more sequels.

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