Gregg & Freddy's Afternoon Drive: Boston Harbor Cruise Gone WrongGregg & Freddy thought they were in for a leisurely tour of the Boston Harbor, but Captain Nancy had something else in store for them!
Afternoon Drive: The Famous Boston Swan BoatsSummer is finally here, long days, sunny, warm weather... What better place to spend a leisurely cruise then aboard the Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden?
Gregg & Freddy are on an Essential Errand in the BlizzardThere's one thing that's essential to Gregg & Freddy being on the air every weekday afternoon, even in a blizzard...
Afternoon Drive: The Drive for 5Gregg, Freddy, and Amanda are all caught up in Patriots fever in this latest edition of the Afternoon Drive!
Afternoon Drive: Santa Needs A RideIn the final episode for 2016, Gregg & Fred have picked up "Santa Claus," who apparently needs a ride to the North Pole... Or the mall... Or... Well, you'll just have to watch!
Afternoon Drive: Clowning AroundGregg & Freddy have a pro-tip for all our listeners this Halloween... Probably best to avoid clowns lurking on the side of the highway.
Afternoon Drive: The Ride to Gillette StadiumGregg & Freddy's pal, Scott Zolak, former Patriots quarterback and current color analyst for the Patriots Radio Network, needed a ride down to the stadium to prepare for this week's first home game of the season.
Afternoon Drive: A Special "Passenger"This week, Gregg has a surprise "Passenger" riding shotgun when he picks up Fred.
Afternoon Drive: Gregg's On CallGregg & Freddy try and make it to a few hot spots after work over the past week.. But will Gregg's fatherly duties get in the way?
Afternoon Drive: Memorial Day Weekend PlansGregg and Freddy discuss their plans for Memorial Day Weekend this year, on this week's edition of the Afternoon Drive.
Afternoon Drive: Baby NightmaresGregg has been taking advantage of every spare moment he has to catch up on his sleep, but Freddy has other ideas.
Afternoon Drive: Cat CallsFresh off paternity leave, Gregg Daniels returns with Fast Freddy for another edition of the Afternoon Drive video series.

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