Las Vegas Shooting: Former Mix 104.1 DJ Shawn Tempesta Live On-SceneOur former co-worker, Shawn Tempesta now works for our sister station, Mix 94.1 in Vegas. He joined Karson & Kennedy this morning.
Las Vegas Tragedy: Concertgoer Vincent Gives Firsthand Update From The SceneRoute 91 Harvest Festival concertgoer Vincent calls us to give a firsthand update of what it really felt like to escape.
Facebook Fights: Political EditionAlex has had enough with all of the discussion around the election, and decided to complain about it on Facebook.
Rumor Has It: Election EditionSalt talked to some early voters and gave them the low down on some ballot questions they may not have heard about, and this new thing called "late voting."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Shannon From DorchesterCan Shannon beat Kennedy?
England Has Banned Smoking In The Car With ChildrenShould America follow suit?
Video Dirty On The 30: Ben & Jen Drama, Gronk's Party Boat, and DonutgateKennedy covers the Ben and Jen drama, Gronk's party boat and book and Ariana Grande's donut licking in this week's video dirty on the 30!
Woburn Man Captures Northern Lights From Field In New Hampshire
President Obama Uses The "N" WordIn a recent podcast, President Obama used the "N" word when talking about the perils of racism our country still deals with today.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Susanna From SouthieCan Susanna beat Kennedy?
Gregg's Wife Becomes an American CitizenGregg's wife is from Latvia, but she became an official American citizen today! Gregg talks about the ceremony and celebration.
Remembering 9/11See how celebrities are honoring the day and how you can here in Boston.

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