Anne Hathaway & Jimmy Fallon Sing Translated P!nk, Weeknd SongsWatch Anne Hathaway sing "Can't Feel My Face" as "My Front is Not Felt" on Jimmy Fallon's 'Late Show.'
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kristin From FitchburgCan Kristin beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Nora From SudburyCan Nora beat Kennedy?
Anne Hathaway Is On Board For 'Princess Diaries 3'Another familiar face may make an appearance, too!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kelly From DanversCan Kelly beat Kennedy?
The InternRobert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway star in a very nice little movie about how nice people can be. It's very nice.
'Lip Sync Battle' Recap: Anne Hathaway Came in Like a 'Wrecking Ball' Against 'Prada' Co-Star Emily BluntWe can say, without hyperbole, that both of the "Devil Wears Prada" co-stars had pretty ballsy performances.
Lip Sync Battle: Anne Hathaway Comes In Like A Wrecking BallAnne Hathaway comes in like a wrecking ball, then ends up on a wrecking ball. Watch a teaser of her performance here! Wants to Make Music with Anne Hathaway"From 'Rio 1,' I was like, 'She sings like that?!' It would be so amazing to do music outside of an animated film. That would be freaking dope."
Kennedy's Dirty On The 30 - Rihanna Married By Summer?
Kennedy's Dirty on the 30 - Forget Best Dressed - Who Is Hiding A Baby!Who looked good, who looked like crap, and who is preggo? Gotcha didn't I?
Style Files: Who Wore What To The Oscars

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