Britney Spears Is "So Happy" Sister Jamie Lynn Is Expecting Second Child!The family is so excited for the new addition!
Cruz Speaks! Holiday EditionOut of the mouths of babes ...that's exactly what we're trying to decipher! Gregg Daniels' son Cruz is 20 months and talking up a storm, so Gregg decided to quiz Freddy and Amanda on holiday words and phrases. Play along and see how many you can get!
Serena Williams Takes Her Baby On Her Honeymoon. Would You?Would you want to deal with a baby on your honeymoon?
Baby Babbling 102Gregg took out his iphone to record baby son Cruz "talking" again, and pitted Freddy against Amanda to decipher what he was saying ....listen and see how many you can get!
War Of The Roses: BustedTom is worried his wife Lauren is spending too much time with her trainer. the ending of this one has us all in tears. Well, except Salt..
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 9/25
Can't Lick Salt: Wednesday 08/09
How To Deal With An Overbearing Mother-In-Law!Karson's mother-in-law is celebrating her 2 year anniversary of moving in with Karson for "90 days."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 5/4Can Laura, Chelsea, or Kim beat Kennedy? Can you?
Talan Torriero From 'Laguna Beach' Is Expecting His First Child!He's joining the Laguna Beach parent club!
Facebook Fight: Jerome You Are NOT the FatherWanda is getting fed up about people talking about the father of her baby... so naturally she took it to Facebook to announce her DNA results.
A Freudian Slip at WorkHave you ever called someone by the wrong name?

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