Zac From Hanson Chats With Karson & Kennedy!It's been 25 years of Hanson and it's time to celebrate!
Karson and Kennedy's Mix Beach House Announcement!It's our biggest artist yet!
Zac From American Authors Calls InZac from American Authors called in to chat before his performance at Fenway's Polartec Big Air tomorrow night.
Karson and Kennedy Get Some Help From Their BossRumor has it U2 is coming in sometime this week for an interview with Karson, Kennedy, and Salt, and in turn is driving everyone's nerves through the roof.
Karson & Kennedy Take Boston Reactions To The One Direction NewsOne Direction has officially gone from a five-some to a four-some with the sudden departure of Zayn Malik. Hysteria ensues.
This Is What A Man Who Has Listened to 168 Hours of Nickelback Sounds LikeK&K talk to Jesse Carey, the man listening to 168 hours of Nickelback straight for charity.
War Of The Roes Marathon: "The Musician"Nikki's boyfriend Tom is a musician in a local band. They used to be in harmony, but now things have gone flat.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Slater The Wedding SingerAmber is looking for someone to join her band and Slater thinks he is the perfect guy for the job.
15 Seconds Of Fame - Tyler & Ryan | Thinking Out Loud
15 Seconds Of Fame - Animal Flag | St. Cecilia's
Can't Beat Kennedy: Joey From LowellCan Joey from Lowell beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Emily From BeverlyCan Emily from Beverly beat Kennedy?

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