What Do These Cute Kids Want For Christmas?These cute kids want sharks, toy guns, and train sets.
Age-Inappropriate Gift For BarrettThis gift is for kids (and Karson) 12+...
What Did Barrett Say: Cheese, Attendance, and BirthdaysA lot has been going on in the life of Barrett!
Barrett Spent The Night In The HospitalPoor guy! After consuming some fancy cheese, Barrett started sneezing and getting welts all over his body, so Karson and fam decided they had to take Barrett to the hospital.
Are Birthday Parties Always "Drop-Off?"Karson dropped Barrett off at a birthday party this weekend, but when he picked him up, he got vibes that it wasn't actually a "drop-off" party from parents that stayed there the whole time.
Camping With Karson Was A Weekend Success!Welp, they did it. Karson took Barrett and Barrett's friend camping this weekend, and they survived! It was like a scene from a movie.
Camping With Karson: Barrett's Friend Is Having His First SleepoverKarson offered to take Barrett and Barrett's friend camping this weekend, but Barrett's friend has never been to a sleepover before!
What Did Barrett Say: First Concert Ever At Imagine DragonsKennedy and Salt didn't go to the Imagine Dragons show this weekend, so Karson got to use their tickets to take Barrett. Can you believe it was his first concert ever?!
Barrett Kneed Another Kid In The GroinAnd Karson somehow feels inconvenienced by this.
Karson Screwed Up Date Night... 2X!Karson ruined date night twice with his wife Lana over the past few weeks.
What Ridiculous Reason Made Your Kid Cry?Karson's son Barrett cried last night after the Red Sox got eliminated from the playoffs.
What Did Barrett Say: NFL Protests EditionBarrett learned about the NFL player protests during the National Anthem... problem is he has no idea what he's talking about and it's adorable.

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