Gregg & Freddy's Afternoon Drive: Boston Harbor Cruise Gone WrongGregg & Freddy thought they were in for a leisurely tour of the Boston Harbor, but Captain Nancy had something else in store for them!
Are Tim the Web Guy and Franzia An Item?Franzia and Tim spent some time together this weekend on a booze cruise, and we want to know if it amounted to anything!
UberBOAT Is Now In Boston! Will You Be Hailing A Water Taxi With The App?All aboard the UberBOAT! Public transportation in Boston just way cooler with the new UberBOAT water taxi app!
Kennedy Kept A Secret From Us!Last night, Kennedy went to a party on John Henry's boat. While on the Red Sox owner's boat, she met a plethora of famous people...some people she didn't even realize were famous!
Mystery Man In The Boston HarborA story out of Boston has now become international news. There is a mystery man who has a canoe that he ties to small offshore docks in the Boston Harbor. He pitches a tent and sleeps out there every night.

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