What Did Barrett Say: Mom's Face EditionLana came home from vacation looking a little different, but she won't tell Karson why.
Karson Puts His Foot Down: Lana Looks Different, But Why?Lana just came back from her trip, and Karson noticed that she looks a little different. And it's definitely not just her hair!
Inside The Mind Of A 6-Year-OldKarson and Kenendy's live audience member Sky gave us some insight into her life as a first grader.
Would You Let Your Partner Spend $900 Dollars On Something And Not Tell You What It Is?Karson had his wife Lana on the show this morning to talk about a phone conversation they had last night. Lana asked if she could spend $900 on something and not tell him what it was.
Kennedy's Dirty on the 30 - Mixfest Memories and WHO GOT MARRIED?Holy Crap - Kristen Stewart liked RPatz to do WHAT to her WHAT?

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