War Of The Roses: Game OverJennifer thinks her boyfriend Ben might be cheating based on a TV show... It's Game of Thrones.
Kennedy Is Meeting Tommy Lee's Adult Kids Over ThanksgivingOver Thanksgiving, Kennedy is finally getting to meet Tommy Lee's adult kids in Seattle, and we're shook!
War Of The Roses: Turkey For A TurkeyJill is bringing her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving, but it seems like he might have other dinner plans.
War Of The Roses: The Coupon BookNina found a coupon book for sexy stuff in her boyfriend's nightstand-- only problem? He's been redeeming them elsewhere.
Does Kennedy's Friend Have A Fake Boyfriend Or Nah?Kennedy's friend has been posting about a boyfriend for months, but she suspects the BF is actually fake.
War Of The Roses: Wonder WomanCassandra wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween but her boyfriend said she couldn't pull it off. Let's use our lasso of truth to find out why!
Kennedy Had A Big Moving WeekendIt finally happened: Kennedy moved!
Kennedy's Boyfriend Gave Her His House KeysThings are getting SERIOUS, and it's awesome!
War Of The Roses: Go Cubs!Riley has been dating a guy she thought was from Chicago. Seems it was more like Chelmsford.
Salt Put His Foot Down....Just Like Karson!Salt put his foot down with his girlfriend Sarah. How do you think it went?
War Of The Roses: He's Married!Anna thinks her new man is living a double life. Will she be single after this call?
Mad Marge Vs. Kennedy And New Boyfriend "Tommy Lee"Mad Marge ISN'T going after Salt this time; now it's Kennedy's turn!

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