Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 10/9
True Love! Photo Of Husband Keeping His Isolated Wife Company Is Going ViralWhen you see this photo you will understand why it's going viral
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kate From WalpoleCan Kate beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Mariah Carey Almost Caught On Fire While Filming "I Don't" Music VideoThe songstress will always give us a good moment!
WATCH: An ENTIRE Arena Cheered For A 2-Year-Old Boy"It grew and grew and grew. It went from just our little section, to the whole stadium. It was very quick."
The "Message" This Family Received From Their Dog After He Died Will Make You CryThis one will definitely pull at your heart strings...
Karson & Kennedy and the Great Cargo Shorts DebateRecently Buzzfeed posted an article explaining the perils of cargo shorts and why nobody should ever wear them.
This "Cat Library" Should Be at Every Office in AmericaWhat if your office had a "cat library" where you could borrow a cute kitty to have at your desk for an hour? There's an office in New Mexico that actually does - and it's been a huge success!
These Kids Are SO Done With Weddings [VIDEO]Some kids are too shy to have everyone watching them, and weddings are perfect examples. Watch these kids hilariously break down because they just can't handle this wedding business anymore.
What Dating Advice Would You Impart On Your Daughter?There was an article on Buzzfeed over the weekend about the 24 biggest pieces of dating advice women will impart on their daughters which got our wheels turning. We decided to take calls from listeners and get their take on it. They did NOT disappoint!
90's Rewind: Saved By The Bell Tell-All Movie?! WE'RE SO EXCITED!The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story is coming to a screen near you and WE'RE SO EXCITED about it!
Babies Discovering Things For The First Time [VIDEO]Ice cream is cold, dogs make great playmates and head rubs are fantastic. These truths are self evident . . . but not to a baby.

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