Karson Calls Out His Wife Lana Live On The Air...AgainLet's see if putting his foot down went better for him this time.
What Happens When Your Delorean Catches on Fire?Salt actually has a better idea than most!
Three Lies: Bad BoyLeah is getting back with her ex much to her mom Karyn's chagrin.
Karson's Car Trouble VictoryHe recently had a tremendously terrible time with a brake repair, but Karson refused to be soft and was victorious in the end!
Producer Mike's Daughter Got Her Permit!How do you think it went?
No More Car For KennedyKennedy's insurance company called it quits on her after she had three accidents in one calendar year, but now other insurance companies are extremely expensive.
Kennedy Might Not Be Allowed To Drive AnymoreAnd no one on the show was all that surprised.
This Kid Had His First Kiss In His Mom's Car...Would you have your first kiss in front of your parents? That must take some guts!
Kennedy Did WHAT With Her Über Driver At Her House?!Kennedy does what it takes to make it hot for her Über driver yesterday.
Boston Drivers Are Officially The Worst In The CountryAccording to Allstate, Boston drivers rank last in the country for the third year running.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: The Driving TestShe'll probably never let him drive again after this one...
Karson & Kennedy Present: Can't Drive Kennedy!Karson & Kennedy take a few listeners to "Kennedy's Driving School." Let's see how this goes...

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