War Of The Roses: On The ProwlAngela is concerned that her new man Adam is wooing another. Problem is, he doesn't know what that word means.
War Of The Roses: Babysitter BluesAmber thinks her hubby Matt is getting a little too friendly with the babysitter. Will he get out in time?
War Of The Roses: Auld Langs CheaterAlison & her hubby celebrated New Years together. But when the clock struck 12, he was nowhere to be found...
War Of The Roses Marathon: Mr. ConsiderateKristina and Ryan break up a lot. And although this Roses ends the way you know it will, some people will never learn.
War Of The Roses: We Were On A BreakWe called Elyse's boyfriend Phil today for Roses, and there was no winning with this one!
Is Being Drunk An Excuse For Cheating?Karson's friend Rachael saw her husband kissing another woman at a party they attended together, and she hasn't addressed him about it yet.
War of the Roses Marathon: Text Gone WrongWhen Julia checked her and Joe's phone bill, she found a number that does not compute.
War Of The Roses: Tricks And Treats On HalloweenAmber and her boyfriend Rob went to a Halloween party where they ran into his ex. It seems she's more of a trick than a treat.
War of the Roses Marathon: Glory DaysHope and Jay were married just over a year ago, but it looks like the 7-year itch might have come a little early.
Facebook Fight: Cheater, CheaterToday's Facebook Fight is all about cheating....from 15 years ago. Take a listen!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Welcome to the Modern AgeCara and Steven have been together for 8 years, and she feels like the relationship is changing.
Should Shaun Stop Talking to Her Best Friend Because Of This?Shaun's friend set her up with a "serial cheater", and guess what he did on Valentine's Day?

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