'Newlyweds' Producer Confirms The Show Was Actually Real LifeHonestly these scenes were so funny you couldn't script them
Subway Defends That Their Chicken Is 100% Chicken After Recent Study Says Number Is Less Than 50%Subway is claiming that "the stunningly flawed test by Marketplace is a tremendous disservice to our customers."
Uncle Punches Sister Of The Bride In Wedding Buffet Line Over ChickenNothing comes between a man and his hunger...nothing!
MBQ: Is My Vegan Friend A Hypocrite BC She Ate Chicken At My BBQ?!
For Only $30, You Can Have Your KFC Smuggled Into The Gaza StripThere are no KFC restaurants in the occupied Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip. But if you really want some chicken, a company called Al-Yamama can help you out.
One Direction’s Beef With The Wanted Is More Like ChickenNiall Horan and Zayn Malik take for a (somewhat) serious look at the rivalry between successful boy bands. "I think that tends to happen," said Malik.
A Short Film About Barbecue Chicken For Memorial Day
The Phantom Gourmet Barbecue Beach Party

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