Salt and Sarah Drop a HUGE Announcement In the Middle Of The Show!AAAAAHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Will Andy Grammer Be Nice to His Daughters Boyfriends?He's the nicest guy ever so probably.
Christmas Gift Giving Fights For The Only ChildWhen it comes to gift giving for an only child, everybody wants to spoil them, but sometimes people buy them the same gift.
Karson And Salt Should Avoid Kid Activities At ALL CostsSomebody tackled Karson into the ocean, and Salt almost got killed by a slide.
Barrett's Wall ScribblesWhat would you do if your child wrote all over the walls?
I'm a Dumbass: Drone DisasterColby bought a drone for his son, but broke it before giving it to him.
Facebook Fight: A Battle Between RoommatesBonnie is over her roommates because they are wrecking the house.
How Do You Refuse To Adult?How do you refuse to adult?
I'm a Dumbass: Maybe You Should Care What You Name Your Child?Got a suggestion on how Paul can get out of this hole he dug? Or is he just done?
Would You Babysit Your Ex's Kid?Kennedy got an email from a woman who ran into her ex at Cumby's last week, and somehow ended up sort of offering to babysit his new baby.
The Internet Went Crazy Over Something Chrissy Tiegen Did AgainShe and her husband John Legend went out to dinner and everyone freaked out because they weren't home with their one week old child.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Mommy IssuesJamie loves Jason. Jason loves his mom. Let's see who gets roses. Nothing could go wrong.

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