War Of The Roses: Brownie WarsKarissa just wanted to help her daughter have a successful lemonade stand, but she ended up with a business rival and a challenger for her hubby's affection.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Family Photo FiascoChris's mom Mo has been digitizing all of the family photos, and we know how huge of a project that can be.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Let's Go To PrisonChris is concerned his girlfriend is partying a little too much. But the reason he's not going out may surprise you.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Ticket TrickChris's mom Lyssa is the Queen of Pranks. What will she do when Chris tries to take the crown?
War Of The Roses Update: Nanny CamWas the couple able to repair the damage?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Making His Alma Mater MatterLC's boyfriend Chris has reconnected with an old friend, but are they exchanging more than just email?
War Of The Roses: Nanny CamTanya is concerned about her husband's coworker crossing the line. But did <em>she</em> cross the line with her investigative technique?
War Of The Roses: Catch Em AllWhen it comes to cheaters, we gotta "catch em all."
War Of The Roses Marathon: Gurl Let Me Get Those DigitsVeronica & Chris have been on and off for awhile & right now they are on. But is he already on someone else?
War Of The Roses: Happy Hour HarlotClare's friend caught her boyfriend Chris flirting with waitress. Was he being nice or naughty?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Come Out And Ask Me AlreadyRachel thinks her boyfriend Chris doesn't love her the same way she loves him.
War Of The Roses: My Master PlanColleen is married to Chris. Chris used to be married to Aubrey. Colleen thinks Aubrey needs a call from Shelly.

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