Producer Mike's Underage Daughter Hit On a Scratch TicketShould she be allowed to keep it?
Karson Had Some Issues At The Celtics GameOf course...they may or may not have involved Dan.
Cruz Speaks! Holiday EditionOut of the mouths of babes ...that's exactly what we're trying to decipher! Gregg Daniels' son Cruz is 20 months and talking up a storm, so Gregg decided to quiz Freddy and Amanda on holiday words and phrases. Play along and see how many you can get!
Rome Basically Put Up A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree"Some likened the scruffy tree to a toilet brush."
Bleacher's Jack Antonoffs Jokes Went Over Better At NSSN Than His Last Gig!I guess Christmas jokes don't fly down south...
Entercom Christmas Party At Fenway ParkThere was great food, raffles, an open bar, and even ice cream served in Red Sox hat cups!
Santa Hotline: "Umm" Is The Word Of The SeasonWe can't get enough of these kids who have called our Santa Hotline and asked Santa what they want for Christmas.
Christmas Gift Giving Fights For The Only ChildWhen it comes to gift giving for an only child, everybody wants to spoil them, but sometimes people buy them the same gift.
Santa Hotline: What Do These Kids Want For Christmas?We at Mix 104.1 just got what we wanted for Christmas: brand new studio chairs!
We Got More Santa Hotline Calls!And your kids are still awesome!
Have You Ever Regifted Your Own Kids Presents?It might be more common than you think!
Salt Bought An Expensive Ornament And Is Mad About ItSalt was tempted by a mall vendor to purchase a cute Christmas ornament for Sarah after noticing there was "free personalization" involved

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