Age-Inappropriate Gift For BarrettThis gift is for kids (and Karson) 12+...
The Boy Scouts Will Now Accept Girls & Everyone Has An Opinion!What do you think?
Should The Patriots Have Taken A Knee?What do you think should have happened?
Karson & Kennedy Talk With CEO and Founder of OutVets Over Parade ControversyThis morning Karson, Kennedy & Salt chatted with Bryan, the CEO and Founder of OutVets regarding the 2017 Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade controversy.
Halloween Party ControversyHalloween has no shortage of problems for couples.
The VP of CBS Sports Radio Talks About Last Night's Headset ControversyWe got our big boss on the horn to get to the bottom of last night's scandal.
Are We Turning You On?Do you think Gulf Electricity's billboard should be taken down?
K&K Can't Stop Arguing About Deflate GateKarson and Kennedy (and notorious Pats hater Producer Zach) talk about "deflate gate" and its implications on the Patriots victory.
One Direction Fans Are Not Happy With Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show'"The Daily Show" is acclaimed for its blend of sharp political satire and absurd pop culture references, but this time they've gotten themselves in trouble - with One DIrection fans.
Little Boys & Toy Guns: Normal Or Something To Worry About?Karson and his wife are at odds about Barrett playing with toy he out of control or is it okay within reason? Tune in to hear Karson, Kennedy, Salt & and listeners' opinions on the matter.
Have You Seen The "TaTa Top"?The TaTa Top is a flesh colored bikini top that gives the illusion of being topless. This raises the question that if men can be topless then why can't women be as well?
Boomer Esiason Made Some Controversial Comments About Paternity LeaveFormer NFL quarterback and current CBS Sports personality Boomer Esiason had some candid comments about paternity leave on Wednesday, and they have generated plenty of controversy.

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