Cruz Speaks! Holiday EditionOut of the mouths of babes ...that's exactly what we're trying to decipher! Gregg Daniels' son Cruz is 20 months and talking up a storm, so Gregg decided to quiz Freddy and Amanda on holiday words and phrases. Play along and see how many you can get!
Baby Babbling 102Gregg took out his iphone to record baby son Cruz "talking" again, and pitted Freddy against Amanda to decipher what he was saying ....listen and see how many you can get!
Baby Babbling 101Gregg Daniels' 18 month old son Cruz is talking up a storm! If only Freddy and Amanda knew what he was saying... and how he learned those words?! Take a listen and see if you speak Cruz!
You Want Me To Suck The WHAT Out Of The WHERE?!Who has Gregg Daniels turned into?! Former kid-hater turned baby aspirator, Gregg is learning about all the latest and greatest ways to relieve his sons stuffy nose. Have YOU heard of the NoseFrida?!! Check out him describe it to Fred and Amanda!
Gregg Daniels: Cruz and DadaGregg's 8 month old son Cruz has already uttered that all important word "Mama" Gregg's been working with him on saying "Dada" ...listen and see if you think he said it!
Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The BedGregg told a story on-air today (with permission!) that could have happened at any moment. But the fact that it happened just after the birth of their son, Cruz...and on her side of the bed..!! Take a listen and you'll understand!
Childbirth Is Exhausting...For The DadGregg Daniels (and anyone who knows him) can't believe he now has 2 kids!! It was a miraculous but exhausting event. Listen to the story of Gregg recalling that second day in the hospital, and why he can never show his face at South Shore Hospital again!

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