Barrett Kneed Another Kid In The GroinAnd Karson somehow feels inconvenienced by this.
How Did You Tell Him He Was Going to Be a Dad?Were you sneaky about it? Did you make it obvious?
Karson Puts His Foot Down: The Celtics EditionKarson was fortunate enough to get Celtics tickets for last night's game & decided to bring his wife Lana.
Update: Salt Meeting the Parents!Listen to hear what Sarah's dad thought about Salt!
Karson Caves... AgainThe other night Karson "put his foot down" with Barrett and laid down a punishment & then reneged on the entire thing leaving Lana to deal with it!
Franzia's Family Viewing HourTuesday nights is family TV night at the Franzia household... But last night, Franzia was watching her parents more than the show!
I'm a Dumbass: Playboy or ThrowawayAdam has a vintage Playboy magazine collection... that his girlfriend found.
Producer Mike has an Issue with Teenage CarpoolingProducer Mike's daughter is a freshman in high school & she wants to start getting a ride home from school from a senior boy.
Karson & Kennedy: Are YOU Middle Aged?When did you realize you were middle aged?
Salt's New Roommate!Salt may be getting a new roommate, and it's someone you know!
Karson Didn't Want To Share A Parenting Moment With LanaIs Karson crazy for thinking Lana was "hogging" all the first day of school memories?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Stacy's MomKelly took her boyfriend to meet her dad and his new younger wife. However, it looks like he's trying a little too hard to be "part of the family".

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