Karson Had Some Issues At The Celtics GameOf course...they may or may not have involved Dan.
Dan Has Got Beef With Rudolph The Red Nosed ReindeerOf course Salt put his words to some fitting music!
Producer Dan Did His First Air Shift!How do you think it went?
Trump's Personal Twitter Deactivated By Twitter EmployeeOn a Twitter employee's last day, they deactivated President Trump's personal Twitter account for 11 minutes!
Producer Dan Gone DJ Dan!Producer Dan has been working behind the scenes here at Mix 104.1, but now he's getting into the DJ business!
Dan Called Karson In the Middle Of The NightWhy would Producer Dan call Karson in the middle of the night? We wanted to find out why too...
Can't Lick Salt: Monday 8/7
Kennedy Downloaded Bumble, But Too Bad It's BustedPeople on dating apps need to chill. Seriously.
Producer Dan Plays Us His On-Air Demos, And We're Impressed!Listen to how perfect Producer Dan sounds on-air. Watch out, Karson & Kennedy!
Producer Dan's Weekly "Rap" UpDan wraps up the week, by rapping the events of the past week.
And they've taken to Twitter to vent their rage... Intern Dan reports...
Inside Edition of the Saint Patrick's Day Boston Parade!Intern Dan went down to the South Boston parade on Sunday and made some new friends...

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