Can't Lick Salt : 02-09-18Can YOU Lick Salt?
Can't Beat Kennedy : Monday 01-08-18Can YOU Beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 10/23
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 5/23Can Randy, Kim, and Sam beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Donald Trump's Presidential Run Forces David Letterman Out of RetirementIt's the No. 1 reason on his list for wishing he didn't retire so soon.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Alyssa From SharonCan Alyssa beat Kennedy?
David Letterman's Final Broadcast Is Jam-Packed with Jokes, Stories & Special GuestsIf you thought the guests who've been appearing in the week's leading up to the final episode The Late Show with David Letterman, wait until you find out who stopped by on Letterman's final night.
Letterman's Last ShowAfter 22 years behind the CBS Late Show desk, David Letterman had his final show last night. It was a star studded event with tributes from everyone from President Obama, to Chris Rock to Tina Fey and a performance of Letterman's favorite song "Everlong" by The Foo Fighters.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Jenn From NorthbridgeCan YOU beat Kennedy? Jenn from Northbridge calls in to give it a try.
Jimmy Kimmel Chokes Up Bidding Farewell to His Idol David LettermanKimmel choked up last night as he bid farewell to Letterman during his monologue. "Even though it looked like every other talk show, it wasn't. It was totally original."
Bill Murray Jumps Out of a Cake, Drinks Vodka with David LettermanMurray didn't just walk out on stage. Instead, he jumped. Out of a cake.
What David Letterman & His 'Late Show' Meant to MusicDavid Letterman was your taste-maker older brother who shared his favorite music nightly like a perfectly curated mixtape.

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