Did Kennedy Show Up to Work Still Drunk?You be the judge!
Kennedy Downloaded Bumble, But Too Bad It's BustedPeople on dating apps need to chill. Seriously.
Fun College RAs Exist!Welcome to Salt's Wednesday nights! He hosts a trivia segment at a bar and met some wild College RAs...
Inside Edition of the Saint Patrick's Day Boston Parade!Intern Dan went down to the South Boston parade on Sunday and made some new friends...
Facebook Fight: Memes for the ParentsDo memes cause Facebook fights?
I'm a Dumb Ass: Exposing a Coworker's Private LifeHave you ever had a little too much to drink with your coworkers?
One Drink, Two Drink, Three Drink FloorJulia from Worcester had a few casual drinks at a bar and felt perfectly fine...
I Got So Drunk On My 21st Birthday That I....Khloe Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel that her little sister Kendall got so drunk at her 21st birthday party, that she forgot she got a Rolls Royce as a present.
Intern Christina's Halloween Party Got A Little MessyHow was your Halloween? Karson & Kennedy's intern, Christina... Well, her Halloween was a little gross.
Intern Christina's 300-Person Invite Halloween PartyIntern Christina and her roommates are throwing a college Halloween party this weekend, and besides not taking into account their apartment's low capacity, they overlooked one other important factor that might cause some problems.
Should Kim's Friends Pay To Have Her Couch Cleaned?Let's just say...it's "dirty."
Mad Marge is Angry That She Wont Be Able to Drink Coffee While DrivingWhat are your thoughts on not being able to drink your coffee while driving?

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