Margot Robbie's Husband Showed Obama a Little Too Much!A little too much of what you ask?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 12/11/17Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Sofia Vergara Literally Can't Pronounce "Discombobulated"Might be the best thing you see all day.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 11/20Can anyone beat Kennedy this week? Can YOU?!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 11/8
Ellen Brings Back A Pregnant Karla Kardashian!Kourtney Kardashian joins Karla to prove she's not pregnant.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 10/27
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 10/9
Miley Cyrus Donates $500,000 to Hurricane Harvey VictimsMiley tried to choke back tears as she explained how moved she was by the plight of those going through the storm.
Jessica Simpson Has Written "About 38" Songs For Her New AlbumRegardless of the actual number, she definitely has a lot of songs to pick from for the new album so far!
Ellen DeGeneres Ended Up In The Emergency Room Because Of Wine And DogsWine is always to blame when it comes to these situations
Can't Beat Kennedy: Patty From QuincyCan Patty beat Kennedy? Can YOU?

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