Facebook Fight: How Is That Spelled?The "Voice of God" takes a break this morning as Intern Paul voices Jesus in this hilarious Facebook Fight involving misspelled words and annoying boys.
Facebook Fight: Don't Poop Where Ya EatCheating is bad. Pooping where you eat is also bad, especially in this circle of individuals.
Facebook Fight: #JobIsBetterThanNoJobPicking the right job, especially to support your family, is very important.
Facebook Fight: Serenity Now!Serenity is upset all these younger girls are bringing up all her flaws, so she does what any of us would do... rant on Facebook!
Facebook Fight: Carny QuarrelsBrian is very sad and disappointed that his children wasted $40 dollars at the carnival on games and won no prizes.
Facebook Fight: Fathers Day Feud Robert only has one wish for Father's day... but his daughter is determined to spoil it.
Facebook Fights: The Dog Days Are Not OverWhat's more annoying than barking dogs? Crazy social media dog owners!
Facebook Fight: Helping HandsJohn needs help with some yard work and he is willing to pay!
Facebook Fight: The Beauty IssueWhose side are you on in this week's edition of the Facebook Fight?
Facebook Fight: Get OutHank wants to go to the movies, just not with his girlfriend...
Facebook Fight: Jerome You Are NOT the FatherWanda is getting fed up about people talking about the father of her baby... so naturally she took it to Facebook to announce her DNA results.
Facebook Fight: Memes for the ParentsDo memes cause Facebook fights?

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