Does Kennedy's Friend Have A Fake Boyfriend Or Nah?Kennedy's friend has been posting about a boyfriend for months, but she suspects the BF is actually fake.
Facebook Fight: How Is That Spelled?The "Voice of God" takes a break this morning as Intern Paul voices Jesus in this hilarious Facebook Fight involving misspelled words and annoying boys.
War Of The Roses: Tinder or TwitterTara thinks her man is cheating with a dating app. However, it seems she doesn't know her plenty of fish from her Facebook.
Facebook Fight: Don't Poop Where Ya EatCheating is bad. Pooping where you eat is also bad, especially in this circle of individuals.
Facebook Fight: #JobIsBetterThanNoJobPicking the right job, especially to support your family, is very important.
Facebook Fight: Spoiler Alert!There is a certain online etiquette when it comes to posting spoilers on Facebook, especially in the Game of Thrones community.
Facebook Fight: Mo' Money Mo' Problems Lending money to friends is never a good idea and this Facebook fight is a prime example why!
Facebook Fight: Cat ConundrumGwen loves her cats, only problem is she has too many. So naturally Gwen took to Facebook to ask if anyone wanted one, and of course a fight ensued.
Facebook Fight: Squash the BeefA food critic did not like service he received and naturally took to Facebook to vent.
Don't Post That On Facebook!Someone at a family gathering selfishly made an announcement asking everyone to avoid posting any pictures of them! Wasn't that such a rude thing to do?!
Facebook Fight: Tattoo MoneyAndrew takes to Facebook to brag about getting a new tattoo, only problem is Andrew doesn't have enough money to pay bills so how will he afford a new tattoo?
Facebook Fights: Bro DownIt all started when Annie posted a cute selfie and Matthew was quick to comment.

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