Salt & Sarah Went To a Wedding Expo!And he was not exactly thrilled with it...
Salt & Sarah's First Wedding HiccupBooking a venue is never easy....
Someone On The Show Got Engaged!Who do YOU think it was?!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Call Number 2Ken proposed to Elyse but she still isn't sure. Will we need two calls to get to the bottom of this?
Should Mia Tell Her Husband About The Secret Charges She's Accrued For Their Wedding?Her fiance doesn't want to have a pricey wedding, but she's devised a plan to get around that.
War Of The Roses: Tinder Goes Up In FlamesSteve just proposed to Dana. Dana just saw Steve on Tinder. Will this engagement go up in flames?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Sister, SisterTina thinks her sister's fiance is being untrue. But, is she putting her nose where it doesn't belong?
You Will NOT Believe This Cheater Story!Salt's friend Ashley found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, but the craziness only starts there.
Lindsay Lohan Gets A Little More Personal (Raw) About Relationship With Fiance Egor TarabasovThere's a lot of rumors circulating but she's the one who started them!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Bachelor Party FoulTaryn's fiance Matt just had his bachelor party. Will a call from one of his friends end this marriage before it starts?
War Of The Roses Marathon: No Touching, NO TOUCHINGMary's fiance Michael has been getting text messages from a girl named Anna. But are texts all he's getting?
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Bro's Before Ho's"Robert's buddy Ryan is engaged, but Ryan still likes to play around. Will Robert put bros first or will it be the other way around?

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