Reminiscing Karson's Mom-Mom Before and After 2012 Patriots Vs. Ravens GameIn light of the upcoming Patriots vs. Panthers game, Karson will attending a "Celebration of Life" party for his beloved Mom-Mom at one of her favorite bars.
Kennedy's Sports Take: James White On The Line!Kennedy takes on the one and only James White for some sports movie identifications.
Karson Somehow Got Into The Patriots Game!What a sneaky guy Karson is.
Kennedy's Sports Take: Patriots Edition!It's the first officially regular season game for the Patriots tonight which means it's time for another Kennedy Sports Take!
Kennedy's Sports Take: NBA Finals and Julian Edelman EditionLet's find out what Kennedy knows about sports!
SPORTS! With Kennedy: The Bruins vs. The CelticsWant to know what’s going on in the world of sports without all the boring sports rhetoric?
EXCLUSIVE: Karson & Kennedy Talk With Dylan Wagner; 19 Year Old Who Helped FBI Recover Brady's Stolen JerseysThis morning Karson & Kennedy got the full story from Dylan Wagner, the 19 year old Seattle-based Patriots fan whose tip led the FBI to recovering both of Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jerseys in Mexico.
Dump Or Date: Put Me In CoachShould Amanda throw a flag on this date?
Scott Zolak Brings 98.5 The Sports Hub To HoustonIt's always fun when Scott Zolak calls into Karson & Kennedy.
Whose Team Is It Anyway... Belichick or Trump?Can you guess which name belongs to which "team"?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Super Bowl WeddingWhat would your parents do if you moved your wedding because of the Super Bowl?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Ticket TrickChris's mom Lyssa is the Queen of Pranks. What will she do when Chris tries to take the crown?

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