Kennedy & Franzia Read Mean Tweets About Blake Shelton As People's Sexiest Man AlivePeople Magazine's 2017 Sexiest Man Alive is Blake Shelton and the internet has A LOT of feelings about it, and most aren't good ones.
Kennedy's On-Air Traffic Mistakes Gone ChipmunkKennedy filled in for Franzia's traffic reports while she was sick last week, and it made us just really miss Franzia.
What Are Franzia And Her Mom Doing?Franzia brought in some audio of her and her mom doing a simple household task that should normally take 30 seconds.
Is Getting Someone's Social Media The New Phone Number?Was Franzia being hit on at this cell phone store?
Franzia Can't Hang!Franzia's only turning 25 in December, but she's already undergoing signs of a middle-aged woman: naps, hangovers, etc.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 10/18
Franzia Secretly Recorded Dinner With Her ParentsThey are the definition of a loud, Italian Family!
SOS! Save Franzia ASAP!Franzia is on a sucky date. The dude is BORING, and she needs saving quick.
Lenny Clarke from 'Stronger' Talks With Karson & KennedyLenny had all of us laughing this morning!
Franzia Faces Her Fears & Goes To ItFranzia begrudgingly agreed to face her fears and go see the remake of Stephen King's It yesterday after days of debate.
The Saga of Franzia Not Wanting to See "IT" The Movie.
Phillip Phillips Thinks Hand Holding Is Very Important In a RelationshipPhillip Phillips joined Karson & Kennedy Tuesday morning on Mix, and we decided to bring his wife Hannah on for her first ever live radio interview.

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