Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 12/11/17Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 9/28
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 9/13
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 8/17Can anyone beat Kennedy today? Can YOU?!
Can't Lick Salt: Friday 8/11Can anyone beat Salt this week? Can YOU?
Can't Lick Salt: Monday 8/7
Facebook Fight: Mo' Money Mo' Problems Lending money to friends is never a good idea and this Facebook fight is a prime example why!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 7/25
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 6/14Can Tina, Stephanie, or Gabriella beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Facebook Fights: Bro DownIt all started when Annie posted a cute selfie and Matthew was quick to comment.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 5/17
'Friends The Musical' Will Open Soon Off-BroadwayThe musical parody will feature songs like "The Only Coffee Shop in New York City," and “The Ballad of Fat Monica.”

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