What's The Weirdest Thing You Got Trick Or Treating?Listeners Called In With some Doozies!
Mad Marge Vs. Kennedy And New Boyfriend "Tommy Lee"Mad Marge ISN'T going after Salt this time; now it's Kennedy's turn!
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: RV FireChase had his mom thinking she raised a criminal in this weeks Three Lies!
Kennedy Was Mistaken For Half of a Lesbian Couple This WeekendAnd she thought the situation was hilarious!
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Amateur Interior DesignerAriel's Mom Kelley is having some work done on the house while she's out of town.
Karson Chats With Kindergartners!Mrs. McGuire's Room 8 kindergarten class at The Center School in Abbington invited Karson over yesterday to present him with a check for Karson & Kennedy's Cool Kids.
Facebook Fights: Family MattersShelly is very upset that no one gave her a ride to her family party & naturally took to Facebook to vent.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom : Grandma Gets a RoommateSidney is telling her mom she's getting back together with her deadbeat ex, and grandma is getting a roommate.
Karson's Bird InfestationA few weeks ago Karson shared that he had a bird infestation in his attic,  but he came home to a full blown meltdown yesterday.
Facebook Fights: Pyramid SchemesFind out why everyone on Facebook think's Nick should stop thinking & talking for his girlfriend when it comes to money.
Facebook Fight: Divorce DramaBut where does the drama lie? Hmm...
Karson's Special Soap...?Do you have an items that you only use for special occasions?

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