Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 10/13
War Of The Roses: Game OverJennifer thinks her boyfriend Ben might be cheating based on a TV show. It's Game of Thorns!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 8/29
Facebook Fight: Spoiler Alert!There is a certain online etiquette when it comes to posting spoilers on Facebook, especially in the Game of Thrones community.
Game of Thrones Director: Ed Sheeran Did a Lovely Job“He comes with no entourage. There's nothing connected with him that's in the least bit self-aware or self-conscious.”
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 7/18
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 7/17
Ed Sheeran On His 'Game of Thrones' Appearance: "I Have Armor On"Could Ed Sheeran be playing a knight in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 7/10
The Season 7 'Game Of Thrones' Finale Will Basically Be A MovieTotalling 81 minutes, episode seven of season seven is bound to be a doozy.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 6/7Can Kari, Leah, and Diane beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 6/2Can Shannon, Jen, and Danielle beat Kennedy? Can YOU?

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