Gavin DeGraw Announces 'Raw' Fall Tour DatesThe tour will showcase organic arrangements of DeGraw's entire musical catalog.
Gavin DeGraw On Tom Brady: "He Became A Legend During That Game"Gregg and Freddy sit down with Gavin DeGraw to recap Super Bowl LI, talk red carpet jitters, and more.
Gavin DeGraw Confirms 'She Sets The City On Fire' Is "About A Specific Girl"
"He Is Just A Miserable Guy To Be Around!" Andy Grammer Jokes About Touring With Gavin DeGrawGregg Daniels & Fast Freddy talked to the "Honey I'm Good" singer about everything from Cryotherapy, to the Patriots, to his new single "Fresh Eyes."
Andy Grammer Freshens Our Ears With New Single, "Fresh Eyes""Fresh Eyes," the first single off Andy Grammeryet-to-be-named third album, made its way to radio Friday (July 29th).
Gavin DeGraw Announces New Album 'Something Worth Saving'The announcement is coupled with the release of the album's first single "She Sets The City On Fire"
Gavin DeGraw Remembers Being a Broke Student Living in FenwayOur buddy Gavin DeGraw stopped by the studio today and talked with Gregg & Fred about his memories of Boston and Fenway Park, and coming back to play there with Billy Joel last year.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Amanda From MilfordCan Amanda from Milford beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Alicia From Fremont, New Hampshire
Video Dirty on the 30: Karson Calls Himself OutKennedy has lost her voice, so Karson was given the opportunity to host the video Dirty on the 30 for the second time. Yay...
Gavin DeGraw Talks All Things Boston with Gregg and FreddyWatch as Gavin DeGraw discusses all things Boston with Gregg and Freddy backstage at the Emerald Lounge!
Karson's Awkward Encounter With Gavin DeGrawOver the weekend, we had Gavin DeGraw perform in the Mix Lounge. Now Gavin is a friend of the radio station, and knows most of us who work here. But leave it to Karson to turn it into an awkward situation.

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