Dads : Have Your Daughters Ever Given You a Makeover?If Bruce Willis Does It it's manly.
The Boy Scouts Will Now Accept Girls & Everyone Has An Opinion!What do you think?
Everyone Freaked Out At The Niall Horan Mix Lounge!Everyone pretty much lost it when Niall Horan, formerly of One Direction, came to the Mix Lounge yesterday.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tali From BostonCan Tali beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Facebook Fight: Upgrade or Downgrade?Clara is thrilled to see her ex-boyfriend downgraded. Naturally, she takes it to Facebook to have a petty party for herself and her fabulous looks!
Find Out Who Won Karson and Kennedy's Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes!Who broke the tie for the title this morning? Team Kenzia or Team McTager?
Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes: Day 2!Find out which team took the lead!
Karson and Kennedy's Ultimate Battle Of The SexesWhich team will win the chance to be serenaded by the other at Mixfest?
Intern Franzia's Boy Dilemma!Liar liar, pants on fire.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Nikki From LowellCan Nikki beat Kennedy?
Would You Let Your Son Wear a Girl's Halloween Costume?This dad is getting some backlash for letting his son be Elsa from 'Frozen' for Halloween.
War Of The Roses: Blacked Out When we offer roses, will Paul send them to girl #1 or #2?

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