She Tripped Governor Deval Patrick - OOPS!He literally fell on the floor, and the red face moment was even more embarrassing by what spilled out of her purse! OMG Catch "OOPS" live every Wednesday at 5:40 and 6:10 with Gregg, Fred and Amanda
Can't Beat Kennedy: Jolie From CharltonCan Jolie beat Kennedy?
Terrifying Answers From Voters In LineSalt went out and spoke to the voting public yesterday to get their general thoughts and opinions on Gubernatorial  candidates Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley. They had some... interesting things to say.
Karson and Kennedy: Martha Coakley InterviewToday Karson and Kennedy had the opportunity to interview both candidates for governor. Listen to their interview with Martha Coakley here.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Melanie from LynnfieldCan Melanie from Lynnfield beat Kennedy?
Caption This! Chris Christie And Shaq...
Governor Deval Patrick
Governor Deval Patrick Calls K&K
Can't Beat Kennedy: Cate From South Boston
Talking To The Governor!
Governor Patrick Checks In After Win
Charlie Baker Interview

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