Parenting Update: Karson Caved!Barrett got a yellow card at school last Friday for misbehaving, so Karson and his wife Lana punished him by taking away all of his sports practice privileges and making him write lines instead.
Inside Edition of the Saint Patrick's Day Boston Parade!Intern Dan went down to the South Boston parade on Sunday and made some new friends...
What Did Barrett Say: St. Patrick's Day Edition!Will Jackie be able to guess what Barrett said about St. Patrick's Day?
The Celtics Dancers Visited K&K For St. Patrick's Day!Boston Celtics Dancers Tawnee and Victoria came in for a visit this morning to chat with Karson, Kennedy and Salt about their Annual Dance Clinic they host every year.
Guster is Hitting the Streets for the Environment on Guster Day, January 15Mayor Marty Walsh has declared January 15 Guster Day, honoring the local band for their effort to clean up the environment. Here's what they're doing to celebrate in Boston.
Salt Says He Wasn't Partying Last Night...But Facebook DisagreesSalt was late this morning, so we thought he might have been out partying last night for St Patrick's Day. According to someone on facebook he was out partying, but he says he was at home all day, in his underwear because he was "tired".
Jason Mraz "Won't Give Up" Going GreenWhile Mraz is leaving his mark across the country, his tour itself is leaving as little impact on the environment as possible.
K&K At The St. Patrick's Day Parade
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