Karson Puts His Foot Down: Lana Looks Different, But Why?Lana just came back from her trip, and Karson noticed that she looks a little different. And it's definitely not just her hair!
Salt's Girlfriend Does WHAT To Him While He Sleeps?!When Salt's girlfriend wants something done, she isn't afraid to make it happen.
Katy Perry Is Kicking Off 2017 With A Bold, Interesting New Hair Color...The "Firework" singer is turning heads with her new hairdo
Dan Visits Hair Transplant Specialist Dr. LeonardDan was worried that his hair was starting to thin, and he drunkenly booked a free consultation with Dr. Leonard.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Just a Little Off The TopCece's husband says he gets weekly haircuts because he wants to look his best for clients.
Has Your Child Ever Given Him or Herself a Haircut?Salt came across a picture on Facebook of a little girl who had taken it upon herself to cut her own hair. Understandably, the mother didn't know what to do.
What's The Biggest Lie You've Told?We decided we wanted to hear the biggest lies you've told or been told. As always the Mix listeners came through!
Wicked Wake Up Call: The Cookie CatastropheAlicia Love got some of Bonnie's homemade cookies in the mail and she was digusted to find an imaginary hair in one of them.
Britney Loses Her Hair One More TimeWatch Britney power through a 'hairy situation' on stage.
Kaley Cuoco Gets A New Hair Cut, Internet Is EnragedWhat do you think of Kaley Cuoco's new haircut? The internet hates it.
Salt's Beard Is Famous!Fitz & The Tantrums played an amazing Mix Lounge yesterday, but somehow Salt's beard ended up being the talk of the party! Find out what people had to say about his beard here.
VIDEO: Kennedy Gets A Mohawk!Kennedy set out to raise $10,410 for Boston Children's Hospital, and she has already exceeded her goal by over $5000!!! As a reward/punishment, we're going to cut off her hair! Not all of it, though, she's getting a mohawk!

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