Las Vegas Shooting: Former Mix 104.1 DJ Shawn Tempesta Live On-SceneOur former co-worker, Shawn Tempesta now works for our sister station, Mix 94.1 in Vegas. He joined Karson & Kennedy this morning.
Las Vegas Tragedy: Concertgoer Vincent Gives Firsthand Update From The SceneRoute 91 Harvest Festival concertgoer Vincent calls us to give a firsthand update of what it really felt like to escape.
Saltapedia: Red SoxDoes Salt know the history of the Boston Red Sox?
Salt: The Brains Behind a DocumentaryWould you trust Salt as your voice coach?
Producer Mike Asked Drunk People Some American History QuestionsDue to July 4th being right around the corner, producer Mike hit Smokey Bones and asked a few people who had been enjoying a beverage or two some softball questions about the origins of our great country.
MBQ: How Should We "Celebrate" The Record Breaking Snow In Boston? [Poll]
Salt Guides Tourists On A Walk Along The Freedom TrailThere are many disappointed tourists in Boston this week, unable to see the historic landmarks due to the Government Shutdown. So Salt took it upon himself to fulfill this civic duty.
20 Reasons Why Massachusetts Is Wicked Awesome [VIDEO]The folks over at Buzzfeed have put together this wicked pissah video of why Massachusetts rules.
Woman Started Cashier Job Last Week, Sold Herself Powerball Ticket & Won $1 MillionMary Jane Hart of Doniphan, Missouri started a new job last week as a part-time cashier at a gas station. And it just might be the most lucrative first week as a part-time gas station cashier in history.
8 Years Ago Today: U2 Inducted Into R&R Hall Of Fame
Kids Explain The Origins Of Thanksgiving [VIDEO]Did you know that Thanksgiving first started off as a Jewish holiday that was attended by the dinosaurs? Kids really do say the darndest things!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Torrey From North Beach

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