Sam Smith Is Apparently Collaborating With BrandyThese two going back and forth on the same track would make for a massive hit.
Zac From Hanson Chats With Karson & Kennedy!It's been 25 years of Hanson and it's time to celebrate!
Salt Talks With The Cast of #STRONGER The MovieSalt found out what kind of actor Jake is, how Jeff felt he was portrayed and discussed our good friend Lenny Clarke's breakout role.
Salt's 30 Second Interview with Mark WahlbergSalt trekked down to Foxborough with a camera and a tripod just in time for the "Transformers: The Last Knight" premiere and even got to interview Mark Wahlberg!
WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld Awkwardly Refused To Give Kesha A HugCan you believe Seinfeld has never heard of Kesha?!
Everyone Freaked Out At The Niall Horan Mix Lounge!Everyone pretty much lost it when Niall Horan, formerly of One Direction, came to the Mix Lounge yesterday.
Karson's Mother In Law Got Interviewed on National TV!Karson's mother-in-law, Mimi certainly loves her QVC. On Friday night, she got to be a part of the action with Lisa Rinna!
James Arthur Talks Tats, Tom Brady, And More With Karson & KennedyKarson & Kennedy talk tattoos, Tom Brady, and more with this comeback kid.
James Bay Hangs with Karson and Kennedy at Not So Silent NightListen to their conversation here!
JoJo Talks About Singing at the Patriots Game and Releasing Her First Album in TEN YEARS!JoJo also talked about how she doesn't think celebs should complain about social media.
Karson and Kennedy's Awkward/Sexy Interview With Charlie PuthCharlie Puth stopped by yesterday to chat with the morning show, and intern Christina wasn't allowed to talk to him, look at him, or have anything to do with him.
Is "It Wasn't Me" Autobiographical? Hear Shaggy's Answer!FYI, he still goes by "Mr. Lover Lover".

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