Toys, Toys, Toys, Toys, and More Toys!We're almost to our goal of 10,000 toys!
Santa Hotline: Kids Want Cash, Ponies, Lady Gaga, And The WorldIf you call our Santa Hotline, you can ask him what you or your kids want for Christmas, and it might be played on-air!
DJ Dan Has 3rd Gig, Upgraded To Full-Priced DanDJ Dan is killing the game!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 12/11/17Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
DJ Dan Update: Gigs Comin' In HotDJ Dan is a miracle worker. He is able to pull off gigs successfully without knowing which cables go into where!
2-Year-Old Calls Mom 'Honey'An adorable 2-year-old mimicked his father and called his mom "honey" on a trip, but he did not stop after and has been continuing to call her that!
Hipster Santa Complete With Man-BunA Santa in Portland, Oregon is not just a normal Santa -- he's a Hipster Santa.
Santa Hotline: What Do These Kids Want For Christmas?We at Mix 104.1 just got what we wanted for Christmas: brand new studio chairs!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 12/8/2017Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Salt Bought An Expensive Ornament And Is Mad About ItSalt was tempted by a mall vendor to purchase a cute Christmas ornament for Sarah after noticing there was "free personalization" involved
What Do These Cute Kids Want For Christmas?These cute kids want sharks, toy guns, and train sets.
It's Time To Call Out Your NeighborsWhat about when neighbors have massive solar panels on their front lawns?

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