Would Your Call Your Mom By Her First Name?Mom? BFF? Auntie? IDK! Salt met a woman at Toy Jam who had to call her mom "Susan" as a kid when she was with her in public so she would seem like a friend rather than her real mom.
What Ridiculous Reason Made Your Kid Cry?Karson's son Barrett cried last night after the Red Sox got eliminated from the playoffs.
Karson Got Heckled By a Nine Year OldAnd couldn't even think of any good comebacks at the Celtics game!
Did Karson Go Overboard in Punishing Barrett This Weekend?Even Barrett's teacher thinks he may have went too far!
I'm a Dumbass: Childless Father?What would you do in this situation?
I'm a Dumbass: Maybe You Should Care What You Name Your Child?Got a suggestion on how Paul can get out of this hole he dug? Or is he just done?
Someone's Mom Almost Ruined a Little Girls ChristmasWho was it? Who was the Grinch this year? Let's find out!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Having My BabyThink a mother-in-law calling in to War of the Roses is a good idea?
Would You Tell Your Neighbors If You Saw Their Kid Skipping School?Nicole has seen her neighbor skipping school, and she isn't sure whether she should tell the kid's parents or just mind her own business.
Our Boss Sal Had To Buy His Son Some "Protection" Before Sending Him Off To College.Halfway through the weekend, Sal realized his son needed protection, but we PROMISE it's not the kind of protection you think it is!
At What Age Did Your Kid Stop Sleeping In Your Bed?Because David Wade has had about enough of it!
David Wade Played Doctor On His Kid's Arm YesterdayFind out why he had to rush home in the middle of the show yesterday, and listen to his kid's response!

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