Thanksgiving Advice For Kennedy With Lifestyle Expert Matt SimkoKennedy has plans to finally meet Tommy Lee's adult kids, so she is going to need all the help she can get.
Would Your Call Your Mom By Her First Name?Mom? BFF? Auntie? IDK! Salt met a woman at Toy Jam who had to call her mom "Susan" as a kid when she was with her in public so she would seem like a friend rather than her real mom.
Salt Was at The Stoneham Police StationAnd wild turtles are terrorizing the town!
#BackToSchoolComplaintsKarson & Kennedy want to know what are your back to school complaints?
Would You Pay $100 To Let Your Kid Cut The Lunch Line?Something about kids knowing they're better off because they can "afford" to cut the lunch line just doesn't feel right.
Parents Can Make Really Really Bad Choices For Their KidsParents love us, support us, and care for us, but sometimes they just make crappy decisions for us.
Karson And Salt Should Avoid Kid Activities At ALL CostsSomebody tackled Karson into the ocean, and Salt almost got killed by a slide.
We Picked Our Great Wolf Lodge Voicemail Winner This Morning!So many funny voicemails!
Would You Let Your Parents Pick Out Your Apartment?Because some college aged kids are letting their parents do exactly that.
Karson's Mom Is Still Embarrassing HimHow have your parents embarrassed you lately?
Everyone Freaked Out At The Niall Horan Mix Lounge!Everyone pretty much lost it when Niall Horan, formerly of One Direction, came to the Mix Lounge yesterday.
Karson Chats With Kindergartners!Mrs. McGuire's Room 8 kindergarten class at The Center School in Abbington invited Karson over yesterday to present him with a check for Karson & Kennedy's Cool Kids.

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