People Left Lana Mean Messages Over Barrett's Flu Photo!Karson reads them out loud in this edition of mean tweets!
Karson Calls Out His Wife Lana Live On The Air...AgainLet's see if putting his foot down went better for him this time.
What Did Barrett Say: Mom's Face EditionLana came home from vacation looking a little different, but she won't tell Karson why.
Karson Puts His Foot Down: Lana Looks Different, But Why?Lana just came back from her trip, and Karson noticed that she looks a little different. And it's definitely not just her hair!
A Very Lana HalloweenYesterday, Karson and Lana looked SO good that Barrett may have been pushed aside a tad.
Karson Screwed Up Date Night... 2X!Karson ruined date night twice with his wife Lana over the past few weeks.
Barrett's Loose Tooth Is Dividing Karson's HouseholdTo pull or not to pull, that is the question...
Lana is In Studio to Give Us a Karson Injury/Italy UpdateKarson's wife Lana joined the crew this morning, in place of Karson... and she brought champagne!
Lana: Karson's Home Health AidLana gives us the inside scoop on the injury and mornings with Karson at home.
Karson's Bird InfestationA few weeks ago Karson shared that he had a bird infestation in his attic,  but he came home to a full blown meltdown yesterday.
Karson Wants A Speedo...We'd love to hear your thoughts... We already shared ours...
Karson Puts His Foot Down: The Celtics EditionKarson was fortunate enough to get Celtics tickets for last night's game & decided to bring his wife Lana.

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