Tales From Inside Taylor Swift's Sexual Harassment TrialKarson & Salt caught up with a Taylor Swift fan who attended the recent sexual harassment trial. Find out what went on inside the courtroom!
War Of The Roses: Nanny CamTanya is concerned about her husband's coworker crossing the line. But did <em>she</em> cross the line with her investigative technique?
Facebook Fights: The GoFundMe HustleThis week, Lucy is fighting with her friends over a GoFundMe page she created for her divorce.
Salt's Girlfriend's Work Might Be Invading Her PrivacySo we brought our good friend Lawyer Nick on the show to break down the legality of what Leroy's company is doing.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Till Death Do You PartDan is getting married next month but Alicia Love calls to let him know his divorce with his previous wife may not be finalized yet.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Thanks For The Candy
Russell Brand Fighting Felony Phone-Throwing Charge
Bruno Mars Cleared of Cocaine Charges
K&K: Did Demi Moore Tweet About Her Troubled Marriage?
War Of The Roses: The Lawyer
Additional Photographer Suing Rihanna
Lindsay Lohan Gets Jail Time

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