War Of The Roses: Turkey For A TurkeyJill is bringing her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving, but it seems like he might have other dinner plans.
War Of The Roses: On The ProwlAngela is concerned that her new man Adam is wooing another. Problem is, he doesn't know what that word means.
You Give Love A Bad Name: Chef BoyardeeListen to hear some hilariously hellish tales!
Dan's Got No Shame, So Salt Plays A GameDan tried picking up two ladies at Not So Silent Night.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Netflix and ChillShawn's boyfriend Todd is looking for someone just like him, who likes to lay around and chill.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Welcome to the Modern AgeCara and Steven have been together for 8 years, and she feels like the relationship is changing.
Study: Women Lie On Social Media A Lot More Than Men DoA new study was done recently by the Datafication Project in Australia on the top lies that both sexes tell, and the genders are closer together than you think.
MBQ: What Lie Do You Tell Most Often?
Your Guy Might Be Lying...Here Are 8 Things Men Lie AboutHere are 8 lines guy say that may have you fooled.
Salt Lied To His ParentsSalt's parents are in town, and he was an hour late picking them up at the airport. His first instinct is to make up some sort of excuse.
War Of The Roses: Get A ClueJimmy's girlfriend Angela ran into her ex the other day. Is she trying to rekindle an old flame?
War Of The Roses: The BusinessmanNicole is ready to bust her husband for cheating. Will she be right or will our call backfire?

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